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   Why Aereate Your Lawn?

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Let your lawn breathe and do what the golf courses do. Through the process of LAWN AERATION, soil compaction is relieved and oxygen can then travel to the root zone.

Aeration tines penetrate the soil and eject cores onto the turf surface where they are utilized as a productive top-dressing. Most lawns require semi-annual aeration to restrict thatch accumulations.


  • Removes 50% of thatch
  • Watering savings of over 60%
  • Provides root zone with oxygen
  • Stimulates root growth and fertilizer absorption rate
  • Increases turfs strength and disease tolerance
  • Improves fertilizer and nutrient intake
  • Reduces watering costs
  • Helps defend your lawn against drought, and weeds
  • Promotes a thicker, healthier, & greener lawn

Most front and back yards aerated and fertilized for only $70!

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