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   Deep Root Tree & Shrub Fertilizing

Trees and shrubs don't usually get proper nutrition in a manicured type environment. Grass roots will absorb most all nutrients before deeper tree feeder roots get a chance. and plants in nature get nutrients from decomposing plant matter like leaves, wood, etc. that break down to rejuvenate the soil. In a well maintained property these materials are constantly cleaned away which over time allows the soil to lose its ability to properly support trees and shrubs.

When a tree or shrub does not receive the proper nutrition it needs, it can become stressed and much less resistant to pests, diseases, decay, etc. They may also yellow, lose foliage and look unhealthy.

The Finest 5-Step Lawn Fertilization Program Available:

  1. Pre-Emergence - DIMENSION Turf Herbicide with Fertilizer. The professional's choice for season-long control of crabgrass.
    Spring application

  2. Weed & Feed - Post-emergent Turf Herbicide w/ Fertilizer. Gives superior control of Clover, Ground Ivy and Chickweed, as well as those nasty Dandelions.
    Late Spring Application

  3. Insecticide & Grub Control - MERIT Preventative Grub Control with Fertilizer. Merit delivers outstanding season long control of White Grubs in ornamental turf.
    Early Summer Application

  4. Weed & Feed - Fertilizer is one of the best for the Chicagoland area. This fertilizer helps turf survive the heat and stressful conditions that summer can bring.
    Early Fall Application

  5. Winterizer - The perfect fertilizer for spring green-ups.
    Late Fall Application
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