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Your lawn deserves the finest and so do you. Our rates are more than competitive, just because you pay less doesn't mean you don't deserve more! Contact us today for a FREE estimate! We specialize in lawn care in and around Elburn, Geneva, Geneva, St. Charles and also provide Lawn Aeration.

Want A Golf Course Green Lawn? Follow the ACA LAWN CARE Program:

Lawn Aeration Geneva

Hard, compacted soils suffocate your lawn. They keep air, water, and nutrients from reaching the root zone of your lawn. Let ACA open up your soil with our Power Core Aeration Lawn Care service.

Lawn Fertilization Geneva

Air-Core Lawn Care offers a 5-step Lawn Fertilization method for controlling crabgrass, clovers, and dandelions. Preventativie fertilizing is effective against grubs and insects. Apply Winterizer fertilizer in late Fall and see the green results in early Spring.

Tree & Shrub Fertilizing Geneva

Air-Core Lawn Care uses an extensive Tree and Shrub Fertilization method proven to rejuvenate soil and support healthy trees every time.

Geneva Lawn & Garden Services

  • Geneva Lawn Aeration

  • Geneva Lawn Fertilization Program

  • Geneva Irrigation Repair and Service

  • Geneva Small Engine Repair

  • Geneva Snow Removal
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